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= Debian Med Blend meeting in Lübeck = = Debian Med Blend meeting in Lübeck =
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A hotel in Travemünde. A hotel in Travemünde.

Debian Med Blend meeting in Lübeck

It seems somewhat amazing, but most of the Debian Med contributors have never met in person before. We think that to maximise the user experience, we shall get together, talk about more than our individual packages and identify some lower and some not-so-low-hanging fruits.


  • improving our interaction with ?BioLinux@Oxford - Tim already agreed to come

  • integration of public resources
    • brainstorm about how data.debian.org could help
    • review getData and link it with several packages

  • review of latest developments
    • Ensembl
    • Next generation sequencing
    • ?BioLib

    • Taverna
  • strategies for further development
    • thinning the line between Debian and upstream
    • outreach
      • first joint paper recently accepted in BMC Bioinformatics
      • papers citing or mentioning us
      • books and book chapters


  • Confirmed: Andreas <tille>, Steffen <moeller>, Tim@Oxford

  • Pending: Groningen, Cambridge, Manchester, Glasgow


A hotel in Travemünde.


None, yet.