Debian Maintainers are people who are not full developers but have a restricted ability to upload packages to the Debian archive.

the Debian Maintainers concept was introduced on 5th August 2007 by General Resolution.


A Debian Maintainer has their key in the debian-maintainers keyring (available in the debian-maintainers package).

This keyring is used by dak on the Debian archive as part of the checks as to whether an uploaded package is to be accepted.

Packages signed by a key in the debian-maintainers keyring will be accepted if the package is not new and the previous version of the package contains both the maintainer in the Maintainer control field and the DM-Upload-Allowed control field.

Becoming a Maintainer

To become a Debian Maintainer, you must:

* submit a jetring changeset as a patch to the bug tracking system, filed against the debian-maintainers package

Once you have your key in the keyring, you will be able to upload packages, where the following conditions hold:

Advocating a Maintainer

A developer should only advocate a candidate if they are familiar with the candidate's existing work in Debian and believe it to be of a suitable standard both technically and socially.

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