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 * the package lists you in the {{{Maintainers}}} control field  * the package lists you in the {{{Maintainers}}} or the {{{Uploaders}}} control fields


Debian Maintainers are people who are not full developers but have a restricted ability to upload packages to the Debian archive.

The Debian Maintainers concept was introduced on 5th August 2007 by [http://www.debian.org/vote/2007/vote_003 General Resolution].


A Debian Maintainer has their key in the debian-maintainers keyring (available in the debian-maintainers package).

This keyring is used by dak on the Debian archive as part of the checks as to whether an uploaded package is to be accepted.

Packages signed by a key in the debian-maintainers keyring will be accepted if the package is not new and the previous version of the package contains both the maintainer in the Maintainer control field and has the DM-Upload-Allowed control field present.

Becoming a Maintainer

To become a Debian Maintainer, you must:

Uploading packages

Once you have your key in the keyring, you will be able to upload packages, where the following conditions hold:

  • the package lists you in the Maintainers or the Uploaders control fields

  • the package has the DM-Upload-Allowed: yes control field

  • the package is not NEW

dpkg caveat

At the moment, dpkg does not understand the DM-Upload-Allowed field and will not add it to the DSC. You need to prefix it with 'XS-' for it to make it into the DSC file (see [http://lists.debian.org/debian-newmaint/2007/11/msg00201.html discussion on newmaint] and [http://bugs.debian.org/453400 a bug covering this issue])

Advocating a Maintainer

A developer should only advocate a candidate if they are familiar with the candidate's existing work in Debian and believe it to be of a suitable standard both technically and socially.

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