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 * There was a map of some of these locations but it no longer exists.
  * If you would like to set it up again, the [[https://github.com/irl/debian-map|debian-map code]] is available
 * There is an interactive map (in construction) of some of these locations
   ([[https://salsa.debian.org/ukleinek/debianmap|source code]], [[https://www.kleine-koenig.org/~uwe/debianmap/|live]])
 * An older similar approach as the above is still available: [[https://github.com/irl/debian-map|debian-map]]
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 * [[https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/Videoteam/Archive|Debian video mirrors]]: list of Debian/DebConf video mirrors around the world

This page lists places where you can find people involved in or using Debian around the world.

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