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http://cdimage.debian.org/images/buster_di_alpha1/live-non-free/ https://get.debian.org/images/unofficial/non-free/images-including-firmware/buster_di_alpha1-live+nonfree/

The Debian Live team is pleased to announce the first alpha release of Debian Live for Debian 10, codename "buster".

About Debian Buster Live images alpha 1

This release exists to test the current state of Debian live images for the current Debian development version. It's released for wider testing so that bugs can be found (and fixed) early on in the development cycle.

These images are not meant for production or typical end-user use. We caution you to take care when using these images since pre-release images can result in data loss or in extreme cases, even hardware damage.

We encourage all Debian users and contributors to test these images, you can do so safely in a virtual machine. If you find an issue, please file a bug with the Debian bug tracking system. If you email a specific developer or mailing list, it might go unnoticed.

It can be downloaded from: http://get.debian.org/images/buster_di_alpha1-live/

Software versions used in this release

  • Debian Installer: Buster alpha 1
  • Linux kernel: 4.12
  • Systemd: 234
  • APT: 1.5~rc1
  • GNOME desktop environment: 3.25.92 (3.26 pre-release)
  • MATE desktop environment: 1.18
  • XFCE desktop environment: 4.12
  • Cinnamon desktop environment: 3.4.6

Known issues

  • KDE image does not build and was not released for this alpha: #864927
  • LXDE session is not usable and image was not released for this alpha: #876010

This means that no Debian 10 Live alpha 1 images are available for KDE and LXDE. We plan to do many alpha releases and these should be included in the next alpha.

During smoke testing, we've run into inconsistencies with booting i386 images on legacy systems. The Xfce session failed to start during physical testing on a ?ThinkPad x220 (we're gathering information on this for a bug report). Further testing on these areas along with bug reports would be much appreciated.

Reporting bugs

For the alpha release, very minimalist testing is done. This is why we need *YOU* to test these images in the same way you would the final release images and file bugs, so that they can be fixed for subsequent alpha releases and ensure a smooth final release.

See https://www.debian.org/Bugs/Reporting for more information on how to report bugs.

Images that contain non-free firmware

Images that contain non-free firmware are available, but due to time constraints have had no smoke testing done at all. You are welcome to test these and provide feedback as well:


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