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## page was renamed from DebianLex/How to Blend

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  • This page is about how to work on the debian-lex blend. It's not very helpful right now, but we will add to it (or steal from more mature blends) as we work on the blend.

Using the svn repository

anonymous checkout of tasks

svn co svn://svn.debian.org/svn/blends/projects/lex/trunk/debian-lex/tasks

blends.alioth checkout

First become a lex blender (see below).

svn co svn+ssh://your-username@svn.debian.org /svn/blends/projects/lex/trunk/debian-lex/tasks

How to become a lex blender

  1. Register at http://alioth.debian.org/.

  2. Request to join the debian-lex blends project at alioth, or ask on the mailing list.
  3. Upload your ssh key per instruction on alioth.
  4. Configure your ssh client to use this key for access to alioth as your-username.