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The installation of a mainserver is possible in various ways. You can either create your own CD image, download a provided CD image or convert an existing minimal Debian installation. Please report bugs or outdated images to the mailing list:

Create an ISO Image

The pages listed below describe how to get started and prepare a CD to install the faiserver. All other machines are deployed from the faiserver.

Download an ISO Image

If you are short in time, give Debian-LAN a try by using the provided ISO images.

Convert a Minimal Debian Installation

Install a minimal Debian system and the package debian-lan-config. Follow the instructions provided in /usr/share/doc/debian-lan-config/README.Debian on the system.

/!\ This description might be not up to date!

First install a minimal Debian, hostname mainserver, domain name intern. Log into the system and execute:

aptitude -R install fai-server dialog git

Now, put your FAI config space in place:

mkdir /srv/fai/
cd /tmp/
# git clone --branch squeeze git://
git clone --branch wheezy git://
cp -r /tmp/debian-lan/fai/config /srv/fai/
cd -

Modify it if needed and run FAI with the variabel CONVERT set to true:

export CONVERT=true ; fai -vN -s file:///srv/fai/config/ softupdate

If anything looks fine, connect the machine to the internal network and reboot.