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The installation of a mainserver is possible in various ways. You can either create your own CD image, download a provided CD image or convert an existing minimal Debian installation. Please report bugs or outdated images to the mailing list.

Create an ISO Image

The pages listed below describe how to get started and prepare a CD to install the faiserver. All other machines are deployed from the faiserver.

Download an ISO Image

If you are short in time, give Debian-LAN a try by using the provided ISO images.

Convert a Minimal Debian Installation

Install a minimal Debian system and the package debian-lan-config. Follow the instructions provided in /usr/share/doc/debian-lan-config/README.Debian on the system.

/!\ This description might be not up to date!

First install a minimal Debian, hostname mainserver, domain name intern. Log into the system and execute:

apt-get install aptitude  # needed for FAI
aptitude install debian-lan-config  # might be already installed
aptitude -R install fai-server dialog  # no recommends needed

Now, put your FAI config space in place:

mkdir /srv/fai/
cp -r /usr/share/debian-lan-config/fai/config /srv/fai/

Modify it if needed and run FAI with the variable CONVERT set to true:

export SUDO_FORCE_REMOVE=yes  # to switch from sudo to sudo-ldap
export CONVERT=true ; fai -vN -s file:///srv/fai/config/ softupdate

If anything looks fine, connect the machine to the internal network and reboot. As mentioned as login message, you need to run debian-lan-chroots now to create/update the nfsroot for FAI and/or the chroot for diskless clients:


After that, you are ready to install clients or boot the live system.