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 * ["DebianKernelABIChanges"] - ABI changes; what they're for and why the suck  * [[DebianKernelABIChanges]] - ABI changes; what they're for and why the suck
  • Introduction - Who are we, and what do we do?
    • DebianKernelHistory

    • Maintenance of kernel-[source,image,patch-ARCH], initrd-tools, etc
    • ?DebianKernelSecurity for testing/unstable

  • ?DebianKernelPackages - What packages does our team create, and what are they for?

    • ?DebianKernelTree - kernel-tree vs. kernel-source

    • ?DebianKernelHeaders - What kernel-headers do I need?

  • ?DebianKernelFilingBugs - What is the right way to file a bug?

    • What bugs should be filed against the 'kernel' package, vs. a real package.
    • Classes of bugs
      • Build issues
      • Runtime issues
  • ?DebianKernelSourceControl

  • ?DebianKernelTesting - Simon Horman and I have both done some work in this area; hopefully we'll have some results by DebConf5 time.

  • DebianKernelPatchAcceptanceGuidelines - What requirements must a patch fulfill before we will include it

  • ?DebianKernelAndDebianInstaller - Interacting with the debian-installer team (l-k-di)

  • DebianKernelABIChanges - ABI changes; what they're for and why the suck

    • Exist for module compatability
    • Break upgrades (anecdotal ia64/vfat issue?)
    • How ABI breaks break debian-installer
    • Testing for ABI breaks
  • ?DebianKernelBuildingModules - How to build additional modules for our precompiled kernel-images

  • ?DebianKernelArchitectureSynchronization - How the architectures work together (or not) - sharing configs, build system; sharing source vs. kernel-patch-ARCH packages.

  • All-kernels-from-one-source-package plans. Sven Luther has been looking into building most (or all) of our kernels from a single source package. What are the benefits? What are the bottlenecks? What is the status?
  • What areas can we use help?
  • KernelFirmwareLicensing; what is acceptable and what's not. This topic maybe one to avoid, due to its political nature. It maybe better to fork this off into a BOF.