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Talk Proposal

=== Random cut & pastes from IRC ===

 (Below, horms is soliciting input on talk for another conference, the material from which he's offered to make available for a DebConf talk)
 <dannf> horms: topics i've thought of are 1) non-free firmware (status w/ sarge & plans for post-sarge) 2) how archs work together (or not - sharing configs, etc) 3) daily build/abi testing (i started work here, hopefully will have someting before debconf)
 <horms> sounds good i might make mention of those points
 <dannf> horms: working w/ d-i might be interesting too; depending on your audience
 <dannf> horms: well, what i meant was, why ABI changes are a PITA, l-k-di vs. kernel-image, etc
 <horms> dannf: ahh, yes, good idea
 <dannf> oh - and maybe describing kernel-tree vs. kernel-source, and kernel-build vs. kernel-headers, etc
 <horms> i definately plan to do that
 <dannf> horms: did you see the kernel-tree thing i added to the wiki?
 <horms> i was thinking of something allong the lines of
 <horms> what is the team, what does it do
 <horms> what are all these different packages
 <dannf> oh, yeah - that'd be a good approach
 <horms> what patches go in, what don't
 <horms> working with upstream
 <horms> what kernels are targeted for sarge
 <horms> how can i help
 <horms> how can i build my own kernel
 <horms> that kind of stuff
 <dannf> how should i report bugs
 <horms> yeah
 <horms> how should i not report bugs :)

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