As per discussion on the debian-kernel mailing list there is some consideration being given to using user tags in the wiki:Self:BTS to help manage kernel issues.

It is hoped that this wiki entry will form the documentation for the usage of such tags, what they are and what they mean. below is a start on that.

These are in order to help maintain the kernels in accordance with the DebianKernelPatchAcceptanceGuidelines

Buglist with d-kernel tags.


Fixes targeted for a stable release

When the fix is pending in our repository

When the problem is upstream and there is not much that can be done

When the problem is being resolved by the Debian kernel team

In the case of these tags, it is useful to also set the owner field to the member or members of the kernel team that are working on the problem.

Please also note that when the wontfix tag is used, it generally means can't fix with a reasonable amount of effort.