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 * [[UserspaceTools|Userspace tools for controlling Linux kernel features]]

Package Status

See linux at the Debian Package Tracking System (QA).


Mailing List

IRC Channel

Git repository

git clone https://anonscm.debian.org/git/kernel/linux.git
  • Developer access:


Bug Tracking


Kernel team members

See the kernel team repository.

Former kernel team members

  • Daniel Baumann
  • Christoph Hellwig
  • Simon Horman
  • Joshua Kwan
  • ?Steve Langasek

  • Sven Luther
  • Andres Salomon
  • Jens Schmalzing (deceased)
  • Thiemo Seufer (deceased)
  • Jurij Smakov
  • Norbert Tretkowski

  • Matthew Wilcox
  • Kyle McMartin

  • Martin Michlmayr
  • Frederik Schueler

See also :

  • Kernel page - in general about kernels supported in Debian, such as Linux, TheHurd and kFreeBSD.

  • Kernel FAQ.