Debian Jr.

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Debian Jr. is a project to make Debian an OS that children will enjoy using. More about the project at and

See also: ["Freeduc"]

Live CD development

A Debian Jr. livecd can be built using live-helper with the following steps:

<pre> svn co svn:// ( cd live-helper ; debuild -us -uc ) sudo dpkg -i live-helper*.deb svn co svn:// sudo make-live --root junior &>make-live.log </pre>

Currently the junior config in svn is for a usb key using gnome. You can change this by editing the appropriate variables in junior/config. Other possible values for LIVE_PACKAGES_LIST are "kde-junior" or "xfce-junior", and LIVE_BINARY_IMAGE can be changed to "iso" to generate a CD image.

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