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Debian Jr. is about putting children first

Children aren't second class Debian users. They are just smaller, younger Debian users, already quite capable in many ways. Primarily what they need is to be given the opportunity and encouragement to grow up, to acquire many of the skills and experiences adults have with Debian.

Quite a lot of what we see in the computer marketplace for children is material "targeted" at children, designed to make parents want to spend money on it. The ideas that are being sold are that their software makes the computer "safe" or that it will help them get ahead in school, or that it will keep the kids entertained and out of the parents' hair. All of these things are much more about satisfying the needs and desires of adults than of the children themselves.

Debian users are intelligent. They are adventuresome. They love to tinker, to explore. They are not afraid when something breaks, but know right away that the people who make this software will talk to them about their problem and help make it right. They have a strong "do it yourself" streak. They probably got this from their parents. They will probably pass it on to children in their care.

We are listening to the children who use Debian. We want to know what they are saying about what they like and what they need. By doing that, we will not only make Debian better for children, but also better on the whole.