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If you have a very small child, you may not want them to have access to a full-blown desktop. It is possible (and pretty easy!) to set up a special X session just for your very small child that will let them use only one program. The two educational suites gcompris and Childsplay are perfect for this as they provide a number of different activities within the one program.

Below is an example of how to setup a special X session so that when the child clicks on their picture at the login screen (gdm here) they will be automatically logged in and run gcompris. When they are done, and exit gcompris, their session will end and they will be logged out.


[Desktop Entry]
# The names/descriptions should really be better
Comment=This is the gcompris educational suite



Be sure to set up the child's user account with no password passwd -d <child's login>  and setup gdm with a browser configuration so the child can just click his or her way in. Setting the HappyGNOME theme with browser in gdmsetup is good for this.

Finally, put an appropriate picture in the child's ~/.face file. The easiest way to do this, in GNOME, is through Desktop --> Preferences --> Login Photo.

Have Fun!