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Live CD development

At this point the prereleases of the Debian Jr. live CD are strictly for discussion purposes and are not yet intended for end users. That being said, images are available which you can try out if you want to help us make them better. But we are not yet ready to give user support for them.

Test images are temporarily available here:

If you would like to discuss the development of the Jr. live CD, please join #debian-jr on or drop us a note at (this is a public mailinglist).

A Debian Jr. live CD can also be built using live-helper with the following steps:

sudo apt-get install debootstrap live-helper git
git clone git://
cd config-junior/gnome-junior
sudo lh_build

Currently the junior config in git is for an iso image and gnome desktop. You can change these parameters with lh_config before running lh_build, e.g.

lh_config -p kde-junior && sudo lh_build

lh_config -p xfce-junior -b usb-hdd && sudo lh_build

For more help with live-helper configuration, see ?DebianLive/Configuration or join #debian-live on

Desktop customization tips

A default Debian desktop is already fairly usable by children of most ages with minimal configuration changes. Of course, like older users, children will want things arranged for their maximum convenience and to suit their tastes. So we encourage you to spend some time with each child user you look after adjusting their account settings and, where possible, helping them to adjust them on their own.

Typical things you might want to change are:

But for the very youngest children, something a bit different from the standard desktop can be set up, if you prefer.

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