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It is the current [[DebianStable|stable]] distribution. It is the current [[DebianOldstable|oldstable]] distribution.

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Debian Releases > Debian Jessie

Jessie is the development codename for Debian 8.

It is the current ?oldstable distribution.

Debian Jessie Life cycle

Before the release

Release and updates


  • work in progress, Read "Bits from the release teams" emails and arch_qualify page

    • Architectures that are likely to be dropped: s390 (i.e 31bits support is dropped), sparc, ia64

New Features

See New In Jessie

Packages & versions

  • apt:
  • kernel: Linux 3.16
  • gcc: 4.9
  • Gnome 3.14, KDE 4.14, Xfce 4.10

  • libc: libc6 2.19-18
  • X-server: Xorg 7.7

Expected version, as of 2015-09-08


Q) Which ''Toy Story'' character is Jessie ?

She's the cowgirl modeled after the character on the fictional television show Woody's Roundup (see Wikipedia page, picture)

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