This year Italian Mini-Debconf will be held together with the Italian Ubuntu meeting, in an collaborative community conference called DUCC-IT 2010.

It will be held in Perugia on Saturday 18 September, contemporary celebrating the Software Freedom Day 2010.

A warm-up hacknight and a key-signing party have been organized for Friday and Sunday (17th-19th Sept).

A collaborative Debian-women and Ubuntu-women BoF is also scheduled.

Current DPL Zacchiroli has already confirmed his presence and a keynote.


The time-table is available at (Italian, main event page).

All talks will be held at Math Department, University of Perugia.

Topics covered include:

Debian-Women and Ubuntu-Women BoF

Thanks to the presence of some members from both the Debian and Ubuntu Women projects, a kind of BoF will be held on Sunday morning to discuss the status of women in the Italian FLOSS environment, and to encourage participation.


Social events will be held at Hacklab POI, Perugia, on Friday 17th and Sunday 19th

Local contacts