A high level system to manage internationalization in Debian. (At the moment this is only a list of requirements, but we hope to develop something soon).


In a modern operating system, most users expect to get a ready to use system in their own mother tongue. When the user chooses one language, all the system should be prepared to work with this language: translations, fonts, etc. The purpose of this project is to provide a high level system that solves all this problem, so that the user doesn't need to worry about internationalization issues.

Issues to solve

(Example for readers whose mother tongue is English: imagine that you install Debian and everything is in an strange language for you, for example Chinese. You are even not able to write English characters. Then you need to put a lot of effor to change the system encoding, to install suitable fonts for English, to search the packages with the English translations , to define the language in all the necessary places: environment variable, KDE wizard, amsn menu, etc, etc).

Special Notes

The translation effort of Ubuntu is making use of project Rosetta, part of the Launchpad.


Language specific efforts: