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~-Translation(s): [[pt_BR/DebianInstaller|Brasileiro]] - English - [[es/DebianInstaller|español]] - [[fr/DebianInstaller|Français]] - [[id/DebianInstaller|Indonesian]] - [[it/DebianInstaller|Italiano]] - [[ru/DebianInstaller|Русский]] - [[zh_CN/DebianInstaller|简体中文]] -~ ~-Translation(s): [[pt_BR/DebianInstaller|Brasileiro]] - English - [[es/DebianInstaller|Español]] - [[fr/DebianInstaller|Français]] - [[id/DebianInstaller|Indonesian]] - [[it/DebianInstaller|Italiano]] - [[ru/DebianInstaller|Русский]] - [[zh_CN/DebianInstaller|简体中文]] -~

Translation(s): Brasileiro - English - Español - Français - Indonesian - Italiano - Русский - 简体中文

DebianInstaller is the official installation system for the Debian distribution since the Sarge (3.1) release. It is brought to you by the Debian Installer Team.

You can:


Information for users

Using Debian Installer


  • How to rescue a broken system

Creating CD

If you want to make images and CD/DVD related stuff:

Internationalization resources

Other information

Additional links can be found in /Links.



  • /Meetings and in-person /WorkSessions

  • /Tasks - tasks involved in the installer development and who is in charge of what

  • /SpamClean - coordinating the cleaning of spam from the debian-boot mailing list

Release preparation


  • Status of d-i port to hurd-i386

  • d-i development for the m68k port

  • d-i development for the ?GNU/kFreeBSD port

Old material

These pages are kept here for historical reasons