Uploading d-i packages (here: for uploading l10n changes)

If there are d-i packages with pending translation updates (check at https://d-i.debian.org/translations.txt):

Make sure your sbuild chroot is up to date:

sudo sbuild-update -udcar unstable-amd64-sbuild

or build one if you don't have one already, following https://wiki.debian.org/sbuild.

Change into the packages' directory and make sure you have the latest version from GIT:

cd ./trunk/packages/package-name
git pull

Create a new entry in changelog for unstable, adding all the translation updates found for that package at https://d-i.debian.org/translations.txt:

dch -i
<Adapt entry>
dch -r

Try to build:

sbuild -A -s -d unstable --source-only-changes --run-lintian

There are some d-i packages, which cannot be built with the above sbuild command, like s390-dasd, s390-netdevice, yaboot-installer or zipl-installer, because they are only relevant for respectively one architecture. For those you need to use an sbuild command like this for cross-building (adapt the --host parameter according to the Architecture: field in the debian/control file):

sbuild --host=s390x -s -d unstable --source-only-changes --run-lintian

If the build completes without error, review the changes: For this, download the current source package from unstable into the ./packages directory (you need an 'deb-src' line for unstable in your sources.list) ...

cd ..
apt-get source -t unstable package-name

... and compare your build (version 0.46 in the example below) against the latest source package from unstable (version 0.45 in the example), with debdiff:

debdiff package-name_0.45.dsc package-name_0.46.dsc

Double-check, if all the differences are desired and ok (only changes regarding translation updates / po files) and if changelog entries exist for all shown differences. In case of any doubt, it's recommended to ask for confirmation on debian-boot. If everything is fine, push to GIT:

cd package-name
git add debian/changelog
git commit -m "package-name: releasing version 0.46"
git push

Sign the *_source.changes file and upload it:

cd ..
debsign -k<ID-of-your-GPD-key> package-name_0.46_source.changes
dput package-name_0.46_source.changes

When it gets ACCEPTed, set a tag for the version in GIT:

git tag -sm "package-name: releasing version 0.46" 0.46
git push origin 0.46

Check if your package reaches testing, when the testing period is over.