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I have succeeded in putting together what is more or less a step-by-step list of instructions describing how to create a brand new Etch installation inside an instance of UML (User Mode Linux - http://www.usermodelinux.org/) -- without ever requiring root access on the host machine.

The instructions are at least partially geared towards a host system that's running Debian, but it should be easily adapted to other distributions.

If you'd like to give it a shot, head on over to http://www.klozoff.<redacted>.net/uml/adminless-uml-d-i.html

'''''Above link, originally posted a decade ago, now appears to be hosted by a site with malicious intent (2019-08-04).'''''

-- oliverklozoff@gmail.com

=== Outstanding UML information ===

* SKAS0 included in kernel

* Automate startup of multiple UML

* Setting up a secure environment to run UML's with minimum privileges