Lenny supports having the root and /boot partition on RAID volume. Actually, you can have root on RAID1+LVM partition.

This page contains some screenshots to demonstrate it.

Root on software RAID+LVM

In this example, we use virtual machine (qemu or kvm)... we can play, and break them ;-)

Of course, you need to download a cdrom image.

Root on RAID+LVM example

Those few screenshots show how to install root on lvm on raid :

Once you have reach DebianInstaller partitioning screen...

Choose manual partitioning, then on each disk, manually create a partition (same size on both disks).

Create partitions for RAID

Configure RAID

Configure LVM

Use the LVM volumes

Install the bootloader (lilo)

At the end of the installation...

Reboot Debian

Using D-I rescue, to reinstall lilo

Thanks to DebianInstaller's rescue mode, it's very easy to recover a problem :

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