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* Graphical installer  * Graphical installer

This page describe the progress of removing usage of the obsolete devfs in the DebianInstaller.

  • Busybox
    • [http://packages.qa.debian.org/busybox busybox] is currently built with CONFIG_FEATURE_DEVFS activated. It needs to be deactivated in debian/config-udeb.

      We should not have any problems in uploading this change without any specific changes in the DebianInstaller. Testing might be desirable though. Current d-i works correctly with modified busybox on i386.

  • Remove devfs.rules and compat-full.rules in [http://packages.qa.debian.org/udev udev]

    • Works with modified busybox on i386, text d-i.
  • Graphical installer
    • Device files for input devices created in /dev instead of /dev/input which makes starting directfb fail. Creating symlinks in /dev/input fixes this. Probably a simple issue in udev-udeb.