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 * {{{arch/i386/lilo-installer/debian/lilo-installer.templates}}}
 * {{{arch/i386/lilo-installer/debian/postinst}}}
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 * {{{arch/i386/lilo-installer/debian/lilo-installer.templates}}}
 * {{{arch/i386/lilo-installer/debian/postinst}}}

This page describe the progress of removing usage of the obsolete devfs in the DebianInstaller.

  • [http://packages.qa.debian.org/busybox busybox] uploaded

    • [http://packages.qa.debian.org/busybox busybox] was built with CONFIG_FEATURE_DEVFS activated. It needs to be deactivated in debian/config-udeb.

      We should not have any problems in uploading this change without any specific changes in the DebianInstaller. Testing might be desirable though. Current d-i and g-i work correctly with modified busybox on i386, provided the changes listed below for other components are also included.

  • [http://packages.qa.debian.org/udev udev] see [http://bugs.debian.org/431556 #431556]

    • Remove devfs.rules and compat-full.rules
    • Add z10_input.rules to create input device nodes in /dev/input (required for g-i) Works with modified busybox on i386, text d-i.
  • Change /etc/inittab in rootskel to use tty2-tty4 for debug shells and syslog (committed in SVN; change works with current versions of busybox/udev).?BRuploaded

  • Change userdevfs to also create non-devfs device nodes (for arches that do not have a working udev ?). Missed in original analysis, but fixed in time by Colin.?BRuploaded

  • Graphical installer
    • Device files for input devices are created in /dev instead of /dev/input which makes starting directfb fail. Adding z10_input.rules in udev-udeb fixed this (see above).

[http://people.debian.org/~lunar/d-i-without-devfs/ Modified packages not in d-i tree]:

  • udev uploaded

Post-switch cleanup

After we've switched to use "regular" device names, we should be able to clean up quite a lot of code. The list below is far from complete.

Impacted files:

  • arch/m68k/vmelilo-installer/debian/postinst

  • arch/s390/dasd/dasd.c

  • arch/s390/zipl-installer/debian/zipl-installer.postinst

  • debian-installer-utils/list-devices

  • hw-detect/ethdetect.sh

  • hw-detect/hw-detect.sh

  • libdebian-installer/include/debian-installer.h

  • libdebian-installer/src/system/devfs.c

  • mdcfg/mdcfg.sh

  • mdcfg/partconf-hook.sh

  • partconf/README

  • partitioner/main.c

  • partman/partman-auto-raid/README

  • partman/partman-auto/auto-shared.sh

  • partman/partman-auto/auto.d/initial_auto

  • partman/partman-base/definitions.sh

  • partman/partman-crypto/crypto_tools.sh

  • partman/partman-crypto/update.d/crypto_visuals

  • partman/partman-lvm/undo.d/lvm

  • sarge-support/termwrap

  • userdevfs/S10userdevfs

  • userdevfs/debian/rules

  • userdevfs/init-dev

  • userdevfs/update-dev


  • floppy-retriever/debian/load-floppy.postinst

  • autopartkit/autopartkit.c

  • kbd-chooser/getfd.c

  • mountfloppy/mountfloppy

  • os-prober/README

  • os-prober/os-prober

  • partconf/find-parts.c

  • partconf/fstab-common

  • rootskel/src-bootfloppy/init

  • rootskel/src/etc/fstab

  • rootskel/src/init

  • rootskel/src/lib/debian-installer/init-udev-devices

  • rootskel/src/lib/debian-installer/detect-console-linux

  • rootskel/src/lib/debian-installer-startup.d/S01mount

  • rootskel/src/lib/debian-installer.d/S35framebuffer-linux

  • arch/i386/lilo-installer/debian/lilo-installer.templates

  • arch/i386/lilo-installer/debian/postinst