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 * ? Is BootX distributable. If so, should it be included on Etch distribution media?

Old World Macintosh and Macintosh Clone DebianInstaller Notes


  • Get eject onto miBoot-enabled boot disk so manual ejection of floppies is unnecessary
  • Fix quik-install (currently it doesn't do the right thing in terms of setting the OF variables needed to boot using quik)
  • Proposed solution for quik-install
    • If /proc/device-tree can be included in the miBoot floppies (the hd-media and cd installs already include this support) I think I have the beginnings of a solution: If /proc/dev-tree/alias/screen exists
      • nvsetenv output-device screen
      • else
        • Search /sys for a device of type 'display' If there's more than one, ask which to use Set output-device to the OF firmware name (this information is supplied in same directory as the 'display' device)
      endif if /proc/dev-tree/alias/kbd exists
      • nvsetenv output-device kbd
      • not sure, will have to check if there is a way to do this
      fi The boot-device fix: First you determine what device under /sys is the boot device's controller, then you figure out what that corresponds to under /proc/device-tree. Then you figure out the boot disk's OF name, based on it's /sys name.
  • Create patch for update of manual