This page should coordinate the work to do to support Debian installation on the Openmoko smartphones. At the moment, this is achieved through a shell script as you can read in the DebianOnFreeRunner page.

The necessary steps have been already discussed on various mailing list, the last post being this one. Here they are for wider audience...

1) build d-i image for the Openmoko GTA02

   + must be a business card image, i.e. as smallest as possible
   + linux-image-2.6.xx-openmoko-gta02 package from pkg-fso

   + boots until the graphical d-i screen appears
   + from now on this is the development image

2) move d-i into ramdisk
   + must use no more than 64MB of RAM (GTA02 has 128MB of total RAM)
   + everything on initrd?

3) basic installation
   + configure USB network for network-installer as on NAS devices
     (e.g. QNAP TS-409U)
   + microSD partitioning (8MB /boot and the rest for /, swap later, the
     target is a 512MB microSD card)
   + base system as `cdebootstrap --flavour minimal`
   + U-Boot modifications thanks to uboot-envtools

6) new smartphone tasksel task
   + superseed standard?
   + include core packages
   + choice for the fso-config-* package;a=commitdiff;h=35d535fc26bf3f0545610fac538252704ac9d113

7) port to GTA01
   + quite trivial once the kernel support is there

8) write DirectFB virtual keyboard support
   + choice between xvkbd and matchbox-keyboard based on the
     least dependencies required
   + progressive fixes for the d-i GUI

9) submit to upstream d-i

10) Emdebian integration

Please get in touch with LucaCapello or, better, write to the pkg-fso-maint mailing list.