Currently, the netboot images are just .tar.gz files, that contains a linux kernel, an initrd, and some pre-configured bootloader configuration files.

This page contain a proposal to add some metadata to those images. This would allow to build bootloaders' menus automatically.

The purpose would be:

Package List


For each package:

Package: netboot-linux-i386-gtk-lenny
Priority: optional
Sction: utils
Installed-Size: 2048
Maintainer: Debian Install System Team <>
Architecture: all
X-Boot-Image-Type: netboot
X-Client-Architecture: i386
X-Client-Sub-Architecture: 486
Version: 5.0~2008-10-29-rc1
Filename: dists/lenny/main/installer-i386/current/images/netboot/gtk/netboot.tar.gz
Size: 1024
MD5sum: 07bce47e217017749622e02f75cff0d7
SHA1: 80b9ff12999d69be075de6e51b69c069a9a106a7
SHA256: 409b7e5e1efff1e8196ce5151a4cfa63dd2bd6a6f611e2a6c611a0a73d3e83f9
Description: PXE boot directory for tftp server (graphical installer)

Some other entries, currently listed in the MANIFEST file.

Package Metadata

Here's a sample meta-data file, that should be included in the tarball.

Todo / questions remaining

Implementation TODO list