Human readable changelog

Bellow goes the "shortlog" of the changes:

Preseeding and extensibility

Mirrors and additional packages on physical media


The following language was added (for the graphical installer only): Amharic.

Debian Installer translations are complete for 41 languages and over 90% for 18 more languages.


If you're migrating from Microsoft Windows, it is now possible to start the installer directly, without ressorting to BIOS boot. Simply insert your Debian Installer media (CD-ROM/DVD-ROM or USB Stick) and an autorun program (setup.exe) will be started, which will offer you a step-by-step setup process to start the Debian Installer.

The win32-loader version, now based on GRUB 2, includes new features such as detection and pre-seeding of Windows settings, and is translated to 20 languages.


Memory usage improvements

Optional support for GRUB 2

GRUB 2, the next generation of GRUB, is supported by the installer. When you select expert mode, you'll be given the option to install it instead of GRUB Legacy. Additionally, it will be automatically selected in some specific setups (e.g. GPT partition label).

Support for Etch installations

The installer now supports installing Etch, through the etch-support package. Only the netboot (pxe boot) or the business card image will install stable. Either add "suite=etch" (sans quotes) to the boot command line or use expert mode and choose to install stable during the mirror selection.

This will allow installations of the "Etch+1/2" release supporting more hardware through an updated kernel version. (XXX: link to relevant email)

Misc improvements



Misc bug fixes