A web view the git repositories may be found here:

The DebianInstaller git repositories (one per source package) are used in a generally centralized way. Everyone on the DebianInstaller/Team can commit to any of the repositories. The repositories contain the canonical version of DebianInstaller. (Not to be confused with Ubuntu's version!)

If you're new to git, a good explanation of using it in this centralized way, that should be easy to pick up if you've used Subversion, was published here: < > The only difference from this tutorial is that we use "people/<login>/foo" for publishing personal branches, while the tutorial uses "<login>/foo".

While you can check out just a single git repository if you will only be working on a single component of DebianInstaller, most of us use the mr tool to mass checkout and update the many repositories that constitute d-i.


Some guidelines for using the DebianInstaller git repositories. (Checkout instructions here.) These rules are intentionally loose, the intent is to evolve best practices and procedures organically and document them here.

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