Overview of open issues and things to be done for the ["DebianInstaller/GUI"].

A complete list of bugs affecting the g-i can be found in the [ bug reports against cdebconf-gtk-udeb] page.


Per-architecture issues

We're trying to schematize bugs affecting the g-i on a per-architecture base, architectures considered here are i386, PPC, AMD64 .

i386 specific

AMD64 specific

PPC specific

PPC showed to be the most problematic architecture of the three to support because ?DirectFrameBuffer seems particulary willing to crash on those machines.

The situation is folowing (DFB 0.9.25 unaccelerated)



The graphical version of the installer is currently available for Intel x86, AMD64 and PowerPC. The PowerPC port [ needs work] to get different types of system correctly supported. Other architectures the graphical installer could be ported to include Sparc, Alpha and HPPA.


For font information, please see ["DebianInstaller/GUIFonts"]


Interface design

Most of the work on the graphical side has been done by Eduardo Silva. He has set up a [ webpage] with images he designed and some comments about possible future changes.

Reduce size of initrds

The initrds are currently very large which also results in fairly high memory requirements to run the graphical installer. Size has thus far not been a major concern, our focus has been on getting things working.

Options to reduce initrd size.

Update The size of the initrds is now down to around 10MB. Further reduction would be nice, but it is no longer a major issue.