Debian-Installer: FAQ

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Question: Is the DebianInstaller project not going to use PGI because PGI only works for i386 ?

Answer: PGI works not only in i386 but in other architectures, like ["IA64"], too - I've read this in PGI documentation. From :

 PGI is architecture-independent and has been designed for 
 portability. In its first release, PGI supports the Intel x86
 and IA-64 architectures. Hooks are in place for developers on
 other architectures to add support for their platforms without
 having to make infrastructural changes to PGI.

Question: Is the DebianInstaller going to be graphical in nature?

Answer: The DebianInstaller will not be graphical by nature, but modularity is a key in his design. It would allow the use of different kinds of frontends, including those of a graphical nature.

Question: Will the DebianInstaller support creating and installing to software RAID devices?

Answer: Yes. To do this, make sure that you load the appropriate installer components. Doing this will add a choice to the installer main menu titled "Configure the Logical Volume Manger".

Question: Is anyone working on making DebianInstaller recognize and install on SATA-only drives? How soon before we should be able to try this?

Answer: ???

Question: DebianInstaller does not include a driver for my xyz network card, but I have (tarball) driver sources. What are the (Beta2) steps for building that driver? Do the steps include the phrase, "Assume you have kernel-headers?" Do you think you'll be able to include kernel-headers for the installer's kernel image(s) in the CD image, so we don't have to sneaker-net them around?

Answer: ???