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 * Kernel 2.6.18 - waiting for next kernel upload  * All done
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 * Switch to kernel 2.6.18
   * '''There may be one more upload'''
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   * netbase (4.28) breaks installs using static network configuration ([http://bugs.debian.org/407538 #407538])    * ...
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   * netbase (4.29)
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 * Check what happened to development packages due to [http://bugs.debian.org/301138 #301138] possibly getting solved
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   * Include basic development packages on netinst/full CD images ([http://bugs.debian.org/301138 #301138], [http://bugs.debian.org/407689 #407689])
   * Change XFCE/KDE CDs to use udebs from testing instead of unstable
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Hopefully there won't be an RC3. Hopefully there won't have to be an RC3.

This is a tracking page for issues that need to be dealt with before we can release RC2 of DebianInstaller for Etch.

  • For day-to-day issues, see ["DebianInstaller/Today"].

Release goals overview

To Do

Main Goals

  • All done

Other Goals

  • Graphical installer
    • cleaning up and debugging
    • still some keymap issues
  • Check d-i memory usage (all arches!) and update lowmem limits
    • done for i386
  • Test free memory check in partman-(auto-)crypto - works?BRShould be implemented for partman-lvm, and possibly partman-md, as well

  • Various
    • Switch from dhcp to dhcp3 in d-i and for installed system?BRNote: done for installed system; post-Etch for d-i

    • Recognize netinst/full CD installs so we can lower priority on the "use mirror" question in apt-setup -- [http://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2006/11/msg00583.html discussion]

    • Make "expert" install default to "priority=medium"?


  • Switch to kernel 2.6.18
    • There may be one more upload

  • Both newt and gtk frontends have "dark" theme for visually handicapped
  • Graphical installer
    • some keyboard/keymap issues solved
    • touchpads now work (though not yet optimal)
    • automatic switching of default font on language selection
    • console switching problem on AMD64 solved
  • Language support
    • Added: Belarusian, Georgian, Malayalam, Kurdish
    • No longer supported: ...
  • Various
    • Support for ftp protocol re-enabled (though without selection from country/mirror lists)
    • Option to blacklist modules
    • Reduced time-out for scanning security mirror
    • Main usability issues for S/390 resolved
    • "Hands-off" boot parameter changed from auto-install/enabled to auto-install/enable for consistency with rescue mode

    • ...


  • Blocking
    • ...
  • Maybe blocking
    • libparted does not support ext3 partitions that have dir_index or resize_inode set (complains about "incompatible feature enabled"); this means that in partman resizing such partitions or copying data to (from?) them ([http://bugs.debian.org/405098 #405098]) is not supported; also reported in [https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/parted/+bug/59620 ubuntu]

    • CD-ROM support on sparc32 (esp) broken in kernel; see e.g. #393786
    • NTFS resize corruption for Vista partitions (NTFS 3.1) ([http://bugs.debian.org/379835 #379835])

      • Patch committed for partman-partitioning that disables partitioning for Vista partitions
      • Issue in ntfsresize has been resolved
      • Issue in libparted is slowly being worked on
    • "Device switching" after reboot on systems with multiple HD controllers; is really an old issue but occurs more frequently after switch to udev
    • Graphical installer
      • Usability: <enter> does not activate <Continue> button for some template types

      • Not possible to generate random keys (often used for swap) for crypto setup due to missing entropy plugin
    • Some issues for ppc:
      • floppy installations broken because device node for swim3 module is not generated by udev (probably kernel issue)
      • Software raid not supported on systems using mac partition tables ([http://bugs.debian.org/397973 #397973])

    • Some very recent CD/DVD devices seem not supported ([http://bugs.debian.org/407759 #407759])

    • On mips a disk device may be detected as a partition ([http://bugs.debian.org/404950 #404950]). This is really a kernel problem in the driver; it has been worked around in partman-base (definitions.sh).

    • Should we do something in D-I about the TCP window scaling issue ([http://bugs.debian.org/401435 #401435])? Probably not, but get it mentioned in the Release Notes.

  • Non-blocking
    • Some display problems using UTF-8 locales ([http://bugs.debian.org/348032 #348032] and ["UTF8BrokenApps"])

    • Issues bringing up network devices on booting the installed system
      • Joey proposed a workaround in the network configuration ([http://bugs.debian.org/403706 #403706]). Question is if this is still needed as reported issues look to be solved in udev (0.103-2).

      • Remaining issue is that in random circumstances, the machine's primary network interface can take arbitrarily long to come up during boot.With daemons starting in the meantime, this may lead to undefined behavior. This should be documented in errata and RN.

To Do before release

  • Wanted packages
    • busybox (1:1.1.3-4)
    • module-init-tools (3.3-pre4-1)
    • ...
  • Check status/issues/migration for non-d-i udebs
  • Update debian-cd

Post-RC2 development

Hopefully there won't have to be an RC3.