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   * netbase (4.28) breaks installs using static network configuration ([http://bugs.debian.org/407538 #407538])

This is a tracking page for issues that need to be dealt with before we can release RC2 of DebianInstaller for Etch.

  • For day-to-day issues, see ["DebianInstaller/Today"].

Release goals overview

To Do

Main Goals

  • Kernel 2.6.18 - waiting for next kernel upload

Other Goals

  • Graphical installer
    • cleaning up and debugging
    • still some keymap issues
  • Check d-i memory usage (all arches!) and update lowmem limits
    • done for i386
  • Test free memory check in partman-(auto-)crypto - works?BRShould be implemented for partman-lvm, and possibly partman-md, as well

  • Various
    • Switch from dhcp to dhcp3 in d-i and for installed system?BRNote: done for installed system; post-Etch for d-i

    • Recognize netinst/full CD installs so we can lower priority on the "use mirror" question in apt-setup -- [http://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2006/11/msg00583.html discussion]

    • Make "expert" install default to "priority=medium"?


  • Both newt and gtk frontends have "dark" theme for visually handicapped
  • Graphical installer
    • some keyboard/keymap issues solved
    • touchpads now work (though not yet optimal)
    • automatic switching of default font on language selection
    • console switching problem on AMD64 solved
  • Language support
    • Added: Belarusian, Georgian, Malayalam, Kurdish
    • No longer supported: ...
  • Various
    • Support for ftp protocol re-enabled (though without selection from country/mirror lists)
    • Option to blacklist modules
    • ...


  • Blocking
    • Issues bringing up network devices on booting the installed system
      • Joey proposed a workaround in the network configuration ([http://bugs.debian.org/403706 #403706]). Question is if this is still needed as reported issues look to be solved in udev (0.103-2).

    • netbase (4.28) breaks installs using static network configuration ([http://bugs.debian.org/407538 #407538])

  • Maybe blocking
    • libparted does not support ext3 partitions that have dir_index or resize_inode set (complains about "incompatible feature enabled"); this means that in partman resizing such partitions or copying data to (from?) them ([http://bugs.debian.org/405098 #405098]) is not supported; also reported in [https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/parted/+bug/59620 ubuntu]

    • CD-ROM support on sparc32 (esp) broken in kernel; see e.g. #393786
    • NTFS resize corruption for Vista partitions (NTFS 3.1) ([http://bugs.debian.org/379835 #379835])

      • Patch committed for partman-partitioning that disables partitioning for Vista partitions
      • Issue in ntfsresize has been resolved
      • Issue in libparted is slowly being worked on
    • "Device switching" after reboot on systems with multiple HD controllers; is really an old issue but occurs more frequently after switch to udev
    • Graphical installer
      • Usability: <enter> does not activate <Continue> button for some template types

      • Not possible to generate random keys (often used for swap) for crypto setup due to missing entropy plugin
    • Some issues for ppc:
      • floppy installations broken because device node for swim3 module is not generated by udev (probably kernel issue)
      • Software raid not supported on systems using mac partition tables ([http://bugs.debian.org/397973 #397973])

    • Some very recent CD/DVD devices seem not supported ([http://bugs.debian.org/407759 #407759])

    • On mips a disk device may be detected as a partition ([http://bugs.debian.org/404950 #404950]). This is really a kernel problem in the driver, but could easily be worked around in partman-base (definitions.sh).

    • Should we do something in D-I about the TCP window scaling issue ([http://bugs.debian.org/401435 #401435])? Probably not, but get it mentioned in the Release Notes.

  • Non-blocking

To Do before release

  • Wanted packages
    • busybox (1:1.1.3-4)
    • module-init-tools (3.3-pre4-1)
    • ...
  • Check status/issues/migration for non-d-i udebs
  • Check what happened to development packages due to [http://bugs.debian.org/301138 #301138] possibly getting solved

  • Update debian-cd

Post-RC2 development

Hopefully there won't be an RC3.