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 * [http://dccalliance.org/ DCC Alliance] uses d-i as the installer for their Debian-based distribution. It is not apparently changed much as of ["PR1"] except the addition of a newer kernel.
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 * [ http://lliurex.net/home/va/node/347 LliureX ] uses d-i as their installer. It is modified to use a special Catalan locale and translations are added. [http://mixinet.net/stoblog/2005/09/20#20050920-lliurex_installer Details]

This is a page for tracking how DebianInstaller is being used by third parties in custom images and other distributions.

If you have produced a customised image based on the DebianInstaller, please add it here. ?DebianInstallerModify, ?DebianInstallerBuild, ["DebianCustomCD"], and ?DebianInstallerPreseed are useful resources.