DebianInstaller is a collection of many small Debian packages, that can each be checked out from its own git repository in the usual ways. This page explains how to check out the entire DebianInstaller source tree. DebianInstaller developers frequently checkout the whole tree for development.

While most of DebianInstaller is in git repositories, to check out the whole tree, you'll start with a checkout of the remains of our historical Subversion repository. Then the mr tool, package name myrepos, is used to check out the git repositories.

With root privileges:

apt-get install myrepos subversion git curl
# optional
apt-get install fakeroot

Anonymous checkout

The Anonymous here means that no named account is required. It is for those who are curious about the source code of d-i. Also useful for creating patches.

svn checkout svn:// debian-installer
cd debian-installer
mr -p checkout

Checkout over ssh, for developers

With the possiblity to update repositories.

svn checkout svn+ssh://$ debian-installer
cd debian-installer
mr -p checkout

(replace $userid with your Alioth user ID)

You will need the version of mr in wheezy or later to use mr -p; in lenny or squeeze you can use mr -c .mrconfig checkout. With mr 1.00 and above, the "-p" is unnecessary. You may wish to add the -k option (accept untrusted SSL certificates when bootstrapping).

Simplified checkout, for developers

mr bootstrap debian-installer

In order to make commits to the repositories, you'll have to request to be added to the d-i project group on Alioth. For this send a mail with an explanation to the project admins.