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 * Bugs in other packages in Debian that [d-i: http://bugs.debian.org/tag:d-i affect d-i] (bugs tagged d-i)  * Bugs in other packages in Debian that [http://bugs.debian.org/tag:d-i affect d-i] (bugs tagged d-i)

Some useful views of the DebianInstaller bugs in the bug tracking system:

We use usertags to categorise the bugs, with a user of debian-boot@lists.debian.org. Some of the tags we use include:

  • not-d-i - for bugs that don't actually affect d-i, just some other aspect of a package maintained by debian-boot@lists.debian.org

  • old-report - for old installation reports
  • usability
  • accessibility
  • serial - bugs involving serial console installs
  • Any Debian architecture for bugs specific to that architecture.
  • debian-edu - bugs affecting only DebianEdu