1. Collecting Author information

First step for transition for moving from SVN to Git is collecting SVN author information. If no author information is found svnuser@svn-repo-uuid is used as dummy author information in resulting git repository. We will use below commands to collect the author information from debian-in svn repository

svn log "svn://svn.debian.org/svn/debian-in" | awk -F'|' '/^r[0-9]+/ { print $2 }' | sort -u

Once the commit authors are listed we need to create author file in the following format for each svn commit author.

svn username = Actual Name <email address>

Once completed we will save this file for later usage with git-svn command. Note that if the git-svn command finds SVN author not listed in authors file it will exit.

2.Creating Git repository in Alioth

Next step will be having a Git repository for Debian-IN team in Alioth.For registered projects Alioth itself will create projects under /git/<project-name> if Git is chosen as version control under Alioth project admin page. More information for creating or moving from one version control to other is given in this page. ?Alioth FAQ on VCS repo. This task is for team debian-in admins :D


  1. ?Converting SVN Alioth repository to Git

  2. ?Alioth FAQ on VCS repo