[Thu Oct 21 2010]
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<j4v4m4n> tvmanukrishnan: did you try to complete lekhonee-gnome package?
<tvmanukrishnan> no :(
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<tvmanukrishnan> Everyone were sleepy and left
<j4v4m4n> tvmanukrishnan:  vasudev completed building it
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: help tvmanukrishnan with remaining part  [21:15]
<tvmanukrishnan> was working on copyright file
<tvmanukrishnan> I'll give the link in a sec
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: i didn't add watch menu and man pages
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: those you can add in your real package  [21:16]
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: did you chose any package you like to work on?
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: ok :)
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: i would like to package pypdflib / dhvani
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: lekhonee-gnome was just an overview package
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: oh but i had good experience in building it  [21:17]
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: someone from coep started with dhvani, don't know where
          they are
<tvmanukrishnan> http://paste.debian.net/97500/
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: lets start with pypdflib
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: oh ok..
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: any specific tools for python packaging like finding out
          dependencies  [21:18]
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: first we need to create a tarball  [21:19]
<j4v4m4n> say it is 0.1 version
<vasudev> yeah i did it 
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: check tvmanukrishnan's copyright file
<vasudev> ok i'll name it
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: sure
<tvmanukrishnan> vasudev:  please help me with the copyright file  [21:21]
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<j4v4m4n> aneesh: have a look at tvmanukrishnan's copyright file
<j4v4m4n> aneesh: give him any suggestions
<vasudev> tvmanukrishnan: please put 2 files in a row
<vasudev> tvmanukrishnan: also you have missed copyright statements  [21:22]
<vasudev> tvmanukrishnan: let me paste my copyright file
<vasudev> tvmanukrishnan: http://paste.debian.net/97503/  [21:24]
<tvmanukrishnan> so, if there is a change in copyright holder name or lisence,
                 we need to have separate sections right?  [21:25]
<vasudev> tvmanukrishnan: yeah.. but if multiple files have same license but
          different copy right holders that time you list all first and at end
          put license statement  [21:26]
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: try watch file now for practice  [21:29]
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: ok  [21:30]
<vasudev> tvmanukrishnan: have you seen this http://dep.debian.net/deps/dep5/
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<vasudev> j4v4m4n: I have a doubt about watch file  [21:36]
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: ask
<vasudev> watch file is used by uscan to scan for changes in upstream rite?
          what will happen when uscan finds a change?  [21:37]
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: it downloads the new version
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: in which context is this file used? i mean its not required
          for binaries rite?   [21:38]
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: go to lekhonee-gnome's page on PTS/Package Tracking System
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: PTS is central place for a package  [21:39]
<vasudev> ok
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: or look at libdbusmenu-qt which has a new version  [21:40]
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: ok  [21:41]
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: look at todo section
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: searched for libdbusmenu-qt  got a 404 page  [21:42]
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: in lekhonee-gnome package section  [21:43]
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: search debian pts
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: click on first result
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: i'm in lekhonee-gnome's page i find 3 todo's here   [21:44]
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: let me search again for libdbusmenu-qt 
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: enter it in the top right box
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: yeah got it :) i think i had a space there  [21:45]
<vasudev> :)
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: what did you notice in the todo section?  [21:46]
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: yeah it notifies that new version is available and asks for
          packaging it
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: that is what a watch file is for  [21:47]
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: cool now understood :)
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: ok before we go to pypdflib, lets try to complete the todo
          for libdbusmenu-qt
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: ok  [21:48]
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: it is a bit more complex than lekhonee-gnome
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: oh ok
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: so you get a better understanding on packaging
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: so download the source code with a single command  [21:49]
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: ok
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: what command can you use?
<vasudev> apt-get source libdbusmenu-qt  [21:50]
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: downloading source
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: yup, cool!
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: :) done  [21:51]
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: look inside debian directory and see if you can spot
          anything different compared to lekhonee-gnome  [21:52]
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: verify if all files are correct and build it
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: ok
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: single source creates 2 binary?  [21:53]
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: good observation
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: glibc source package creates so many binary packages
<j4v4m4n> anything else?  [21:55]
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: oh.. i see 2nd package in control has (=
          ${binary:Version}), what does this mean? 
<j4v4m4n> what is the second package name?  [21:56]
<vasudev> libdbusmenu-qt-dev
<vasudev> dev library 
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: basically we put header files in a separate packge (binary
          package is kind of ironic here, right :) )  [21:57]
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: yeah :)
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: it means the dev package depends on the library  [21:58]
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: if you install libdbusmenu-qt-dev, it will install
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: oh ok  [21:59]
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: did you notice anything strange in the package name?
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: i also see a .install file 
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: you mean source package name is libdbusmenu-qt but binary
          package is libdbusmenu-qt2  [22:01]
<vasudev> normally these 2 names will be similar rite?
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: yes, any idea why it is different here? try guessing
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: since we have 2 binary packages .install files specifies
          which files goes to which binary package  [22:03]
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: oh.. but still not able to figure why name difference :)
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: so we will need another guide to understand library
          packaging  [22:07]
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: oh 
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: it is not reccommended for new maintainers' but my first
          package in debian was libdbusmenu-qt :)
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: search for debian library packaging guide
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: oh :) yeah read it in  new maint guide  [22:08]
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: ok
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: go to Naming shared library package  [22:10]
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: didn't find package from debian.org found in a site hosted
          some where else
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: ok i'm in that chapter  [22:11]
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: .jp domain?
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: yeah  [22:12]
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: got the naming convention?
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: basically it is to allow more than one version of the
          library  [22:13]
<vasudev> yeah
<vasudev> so libdbusmenu-qt.so.2 is library produced rite?  [22:14]
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: some packages may need a specific version of the library,
          if we update the library and it has a different api the old app will
          not work
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: yes
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: oh ok
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: if you read through files inside debian directory build it
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: ok
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: ok
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot ?  [22:16]
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: one more question what is .symbols file?  [22:17]
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: yes
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: did you try pbuilder?
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: no since my net is slow it will take very long time to
          build base image   [22:18]
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: .symbols lists list ABI ie, symbols used in the library
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: so using debuild and dpkg-buildpackage
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: one more question :) how to find that?
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: when you start maintaining, a real package it is advised to
          use pbuilder, because it is a clean build  [22:19]
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: sorry not ABI
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: we will come to that later
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: that is bit more advanced/bleeding-edge  [22:20]
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: oh ok will install it
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: i've un met dependencies let me install them :)
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: ok  [22:21]
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: unable to find libqt4-dev and cmake  [22:22]
<j4v4m4n> are you on lenny?  [22:23]
<vasudev> no i'm on squeeze  [22:26]
<vasudev> looks like my recent cron job for apt-update failed for 2 links let
          me try updating it again  [22:28]
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: you can run dpkg-checkbuilddeps to see the build
          dependencies  [22:29]
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: oh ok
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: or do apt-get build-dep libdbusmenu-qt  [22:30]
<vasudev> oh ok will do it
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: these are unment dependencies cmake libqt4-dev but
          apt-cache search didn't find a package now updaing package index
          again  [22:31]
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: ok  [22:34]
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: this may take some time net is damn slow since its raining
          here  [22:35]
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: :(
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: did you read new maintainers' guide completely?  [22:36]
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: no read till 7th chapter didn't read uploading and updating
          chapter  [22:37]
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: ok  [22:38]
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: till download completes, read library packaging guide
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: ok will do that  [22:40]
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: any doubts there?  [22:47]
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: no going through it :)  [22:48]
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: a symbol files helps us verify if there is an ABI change
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: oh ok
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: even though SONAME is not changed, ABI might be changed -
          upstream authors might be careless
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: we can't trust them  [22:50]
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: oh
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: it also helps to see which minimum version of a library is
          required for a particular symbol
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: a symbol is basically a representation of a function
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: oh   [22:51]
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: do u use any specific tool to find out ABI symbols?
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: so if you use only one function from a library and that is
          not changed in the new version of the library
<j4v4m4n> your program will still work with the new library without change
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: doubts?  [22:52]
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: yes, I will come to that  [22:53]
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: no not till now :)
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: this helps when adding new versions of applications  [22:54]
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: no more suspense, read
          http://pkg-kde.alioth.debian.org/symbolfiles.html  [22:56]
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: :) ok :) actually i'm still reading whatever u told 
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: taking me some time to digest :)
<j4v4m4n> I'm feeling sleepy now, read the guide and try building the package
<j4v4m4n> mail me if you get stuck
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: sure will do that
<j4v4m4n> what about next week?
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: thanks a lot for today's session :)
<j4v4m4n> you are welcome!  [22:59]
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: if you are free i'll come else i'll comunicate over mail
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: lets keep it open, see if other people comes
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: ok :)
<j4v4m4n> vasudev: I think it is exam time
<j4v4m4n> Shravan has got an exam tomorrow  [23:00]
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: oh 
<j4v4m4n> ok bye good night
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: my one friend sachith wanted to come but in mangalore its
          too much rain
<j4v4m4n> ok
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: so he couldn't come
<vasudev> j4v4m4n: good night take care