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* [[https://www.newindianexpress.com/states/tamil-nadu/2023/jan/31/techies-converge-at-the-debconf-in-villupuram-2542780.html|The New Indian Express covered the Mini Debian Conference Tamil Nadu 2023 event - Techies converge at the DebConf in Villupuram]]  * [[https://www.newindianexpress.com/states/tamil-nadu/2023/jan/31/techies-converge-at-the-debconf-in-villupuram-2542780.html|The New Indian Express covered the Mini Debian Conference Tamil Nadu 2023 event - Techies converge at the DebConf in Villupuram]]


MiniDebConf TamilNadu, 2023

Debian India along with VGLUG Foundation is hosting ?MiniDebConfTamilNadu2023.This is going to be a physical event and there will be no online streaming.

Dates: 28th & 29th January (Sat, Sun), 2023.

Venue: University College of Engineering Viluppuram, ?TamilNadu

Website: https://tn23.mini.debconf.org

Group photo


Important Dates

  • Call for Proposals:

    Start Date: 25 December 2022

    End Date : 10 January 2023

  • Registration:

    Start Date: 27 December 2022

    End Date : 15 January 2023

  • Proposal Acceptance notification: 15 January 2023

  • Event dates:

    Start Date: 28 January 2023 - 09:00am to 05:00pm IST

    End Date : 29 January 2023 - 09:00am to 05:00pm IST

About the venue

Location: University College of Engineering Viluppuram

The campus is situated in Kakuppam, 7 km from Viluppuram town, and 4 km from Viluppuram Railway Junction(VM). The campus has good infrastructure and is located in a beautiful and serene location. All other needed facilities are available in and nearby the campus.

Mode of Transportation

For the event venue, the nearest railway station is Viluppuram Junction(VM) is about 4 kms away, and the nearest bus station is Villupuram New Bus Stand, is about 7 kms away. These two are the best ways to reach the venue. You can book a bus or train to Viluppuram for your transportation. There is no airport near Vilupuram, but you can fly to Chennai Meenambakkam Airport and then take a train or bus to Viluppuram.

You can take an auto rickshaw or a local bus from the bus/railway station in Viluppuram to the event location - Kakuppam, which is located next to the Reddiyar Mill bus stop. All local transportation is frequently available from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm.

For your better transportation, our team will assist you with vehicles at both the railway and bus station.


In-campus accommodation is restricted to students from University College of Engineering, Viluppuram. Other attendees of the conference will have to find the nearby self-paid accommodation. However, our organizing team will assist you based on the request. A list of nearby accommodation facilities will be shared soon.


Lunch will be provided for all confirmed attendees on both days of the event, based on the preference you choose while registering. Other meals during the day will not be provided.

Organizing Team

The list of the team organizing this event can be found here.

To reach organizing team: click here

Local Sponsorships

We're looking for local sponsors. Sponsorship brochure can be found here. If you'd like to sponsor the event, please get in touch with us - here

COVID-19 related instructions

Still there are cases of COVID-19 around, though the situation is getting better. It is highly recommended to wear face masks at all times during the event. Further instructions will be posted nearer to the event.

Join via chat

You are welcome to join us for event-specific discussions and updates.

More details to be added soon.


News coverage