Jitsi Familiarization Call - Directions for speakers of MiniDebConf India 2021

Explains the sequence of events on how a session happens and checks audio and video quality. Get familiarized with Jitsi setup.

Join us at: https://jitsi.debian.social/MiniDebConfOnlineIndia2021

Before you join the call:


(Updated Schedule)

  1. January 18th 8:30 PM IST to 9:30 PM IST
  2. January 19th 7:30 PM IST to 8:30 PM IST
  3. January 20th 5:30 PM IST to 7:30 PM IST

Make sure that you attend atleast one of them and follow the instructions to avoid issues during the live event. If you can't make it to any of these please contact us at india.mini@debconf.org or ping us at #minidebconf-india IRC channel or DebConf India matrix room.