Organizing team meeting for MiniDebConf Online India 2021


Date: 27 Dec 2020

Time: 7:00 PM IST



  1. Quick updates from all teams- (Website, Art, Video, Publicity, Content, Swag)
  2. Tasks to be listed in Salsa
  3. AOB


Ravi, Abraham Raji, Anupa, abbyck, Rojin, Shameel Abdulla, Bady, Akshay S Dinesh, sahilister

Updates from teams

  1. Website
    • TODO is talk to tercerio about confirmation link issues with website login for non salsa registrations.
    • Bady to help us add tasks in Salsa as issues.
  2. Art
    • Abraham working on T-shirt designs.
    • Shameel will join publicity team for poster making.
  3. Video
    • Meeting on 5th with DebConf Video team

    • Loopy to be done at a latter stage.
  4. Publicity
    • Sending out invites in regional langs.
    • Reminder mails on mailing list in process.
  5. Content
    • Akshay will talk to Srud about work in content team.
    • Content team schedules talks and coordinate with speakers.
    • Content team to contact speakers for more details.
    • Discussion on no. of talks, 20 was mentioned.
    • More rush expected towards the end. (for talk proposal)
    • AR mentioned less talk proposals due to no posters.
  6. Swag
    • Quote received from ?TeeLabs, price and shipping charges estimated.

    • About shipments outside India, will try asking them to collect in next Debian event as shipping might be expensive.
    • About 50 tshirts, approx. Debian funds for swag/tshirts approved.
    • For budget, Anupa mailed to tumbleweed.

Talk suggestion

Next Meeting