Organizing team meeting for MiniDebConf Online India 2021


Date: 29-11-2020

Time: 8:00 PM IST



  1. Call for Logo
  2. Call for talk proposals
  3. Poster
  4. Edit Wiki page:
  5. Website


JulinS, Anupa, sahilister, Pirate Praveen, Rovonovozoro, Abhijith, Srud, Rojin, Openarun, Kannan, Abbyck, Bady, Akshay, Nisha.

Actions to be taken

  1. Logo
    • Refer Debian Wiki for the requirements

    • Design a logo by the team.
    • Abraham Raji and Kannan to follow it up.
    • Dec 6 deadline
    • Will ask Raghu.
  2. Call for talk proposals
    • Mail to be sent to debian-devel-announce, dug
    • Wafer for submitting proposals
    • Announce by Dec 10-15
    • Topics related to Debian/Free Software.
  3. Poster
    • No need to wait for logo
    • Abraham Raji to work on it.
  4. Website
    • Bady, Kannan, Rovonovo, Arun and Nisha to follow it up.
    • Abraham Raji to test run Wafer
    • Could contact Terceiro ( for more information.

    • Decide a deadline (Dec 10 or before, get a structure before Dec 6).
  5. Language specific volunteers.
    • English - Rojin
    • Hindi - Sahil
    • Malayalam - Anupa
    • For Nepali, Arun to contact his local community.
    • For any other language we could use the alternative language closer to it for support.
  6. Volunteers for video team
  7. Publicity team
    • Abhijith, Sahil and Anupa.
    • Diaspora account for publicity.
    • Sahil suggested Mastodon account for MiniDebConf India.

    • To confirm with publicity team for Debian account to publish MiniDebConf toots.

  8. Content team/Schedule preparation
    • Sruthi and Akshay.
    • Reviews talk and check compliance with CoC.
  9. Wafer Localization

    • Malayalam (54% done, 29 Nov) Abraham Raji
    • Localization in other languages can be done with his help.

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