MiniDebConf Online India 2021

Debian Community in India is proud to announce an edition of MiniDebConf Online in India on 23rd (Saturday) and 24th (Sunday) of January 2021. We are planning a multi-lingual MiniDebConf this time, expecting talks in English, Hindi and Malayalam. More languages can be included as the availability of team in the respective language.


Important Dates

Join us!

If you wish to just hang around with the Debian community in India you may join the matrix room and say Hi.

We have an event specific IRC channel on OFTC #minidebconf-india for discussions and interactions before and between talks. Join from matrix side by

To hangout with the much bigger Debian community, join #minidebconf-online in IRC or which gets super active around MiniDebConf.

You can join the following rooms to volunteer for the event,

  1. Video team: #debconf-video in IRC

  2. MiniDebConf India Website team: in matrix

  3. MiniDebConf India Publicity team: in matrix

    To contact the organizers via mail:

Video Team

  1. Video team information and Training

  2. Jitsi Familiarization Call for Speakers

  3. Volunteer subscription chart Find sheets for two days/venues in tabs below the sheet. Please don't edit this on mobile phones as that might edit unintended cells.

Team Meeting Minutes

  1. Meeting on 29th November 2020

  2. Meeting on 6th December 2020

  3. Meeting on 13th December 2020

  4. Meeting on 27th December 2020

  5. Meeting on 03rd January 2021

  6. Meeting on 10th January 2021

  7. Meeting on 17th January 2021