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  3, Mangesh Divate(divatemangesh12@gmail.com)
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 *Mangesh Divate(divatemangesh12@gmail.com)

Venue: College of Engineering, Pune(COEP)

Event Dates

29 & 30 August 2015


  1. Raju Vindane (rajuvindane at cryptolab dot net )
  2. Sanyogeeta Lawande (sanyogeetalawande at gmail dot com)
  3. Ashish Lanjewar
  4. Shirish Agarwal (shirishag75 at gmail dot com)

5 Mangesh Divate(divatemangesh12@gmail.com)


1. Web Team - takes care of the website

It would be nice if we can add map interface to mini.debconf.org so we can tell people as shorter domain. Now mini.debconf.org/india is our site, people should be able to find mini debconfs on a map/list and then redirect them to the respective pages.

  • Ashish Lanjewar
  • < add your name>

2. Publicity team - Keep people updated about the event, bring more people to the event.

  1. Raju Vindane
  2. Shirish AGarwal

    3, Mangesh Divate(divatemangesh12@gmail.com)

Contact us

  • Raju Vindane (rajuvindane at cryptolab dot net )
  • Shirish Agarwal (shirishag75 at gmail dot com)
  • Mangesh Divate(divatemangesh12@gmail.com)