Venue: Yet to be decided

Event Dates

Conference dates are being pushed forward to some indeterminate date in the future.


  1. Raju Vindane (rajuvindane at cryptolab dot net )
  2. Sanyogeeta Lawande (sanyogeetalawande at gmail dot com)
  3. Ashish Lanjewar
  4. Shirish Agarwal (shirishag75 at gmail dot com)

    5 Mangesh Divate(


1. Web Team - takes care of the website

It would be nice if we can add map interface to so we can tell people as shorter domain. Now is our site, people should be able to find mini debconfs on a map/list and then redirect them to the respective pages.

2. Publicity team - Keep people updated about the event, bring more people to the event.

  1. Raju Vindane
  2. Shirish AGarwal
  3. Mangesh Divate(

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