25th September, 2014 - #debian-in on OFTC

17:31 < rigved> so, i have spoken to the FOSSEE team at IITB and they are ready to hold the mini-debconf on 31/01/2015 and 01/02/2015.

17:32 < shirish> cool

17:32 < rigved> i have tentatively told them that we can expect around 200 people to attend! even though it might not be that many.

17:33 < rigved> we should try to reach as many colleges as possible so that more students attend the event

17:33 < rigved> i wanted to call this meeting to make an action plan for all the things that need to be done in the next few months

17:35 < siji> rigved, why cant we prepare a list of itineraries and start working on it

17:35 < rigved> also, i stressed to the FOSSEE people that this is a mini-debconf, not a general GNU/Linux meetup

17:35 < rigved> siji: yes, let's do that

17:36 < rigved> so, the first thing that we need is a website! :)

17:36 < siji> Right

17:37 < siji> Website, CFP, Sponsers,

17:38 < siji> And even FOSSEE team has agreed to arrange the venue, I recommend to make sure that we got a official approval from IIT authorities

17:38 < rigved> yes, that's important

17:39 < rigved> i'll be calling the FOSSE team next week to discuss the mini-debconf.

17:39 < siji> ok

17:40 < rigved> i'll ask them for a mailing list and a phone number where all the volunteers can reaach them

17:40 < rigved> i would prefer that they join the debian-dug-in mailing list itself

17:40 < shirish> rigved: you can re-use the website code and even enhance it, in which we could both benefit.

17:41 < shirish> j4v4m4n_mobile: hey :)

17:41 < rigved> shirish: i have already suggested the same to the FOSSEE team the last time that we met

17:41 < j4v4m4n_mobile> shirish hi

17:41 < rigved> j4v4m4n_mobile: hi

17:42 < rharish> j4v4m4n_mobile: there you are, did you see ?

17:43 < j4v4m4n_mobile> rigved hi

17:43 < j4v4m4n_mobile> i'm yet to read the mail

17:44 < rharish> j4v4m4n_mobile: okay, tell me if something can be done :)

17:45 < shirish> rharish: don't think we can do anything, not with the span of time he's talking, 2 hrs.

17:45 < shirish> rigved: sorry we seem to be a bit off-track here, a situation has come up, give us couple of mins.

17:45 < rigved> ok

17:46 < shirish> rharish: j4v4m4n_mobile: I have just replied, don't think we can do anything about it, the only thing we can say is sorry and move on.

17:48 < shirish> j4v4m4n_mobile: have a look at the mail, if you think it's ok, we can move on, let's not make rigved wait much longer than necessary.

17:48 < rharish> shirish: so be it :

17:49 < j4v4m4n_mobile> shirish yes nothing we can do at the moment

17:50 < j4v4m4n_mobile> shirish we can try to get him at another place and time

17:50 < shirish> j4v4m4n_mobile: sure, no issues about that.

17:50 < shirish> rigved: I think you better continue.

17:52 < rigved> ok

17:52 < rigved> so, the list of things to do is website, sponsors, cfp, contact details

17:52 < rigved> anything else?

17:53 < siji> Official approval of Venue

17:53 < siji> we can ask IIT to provide Accomodation facilities too, for speakers

17:53 < siji> (and participants too, for small amount)

17:54 < rigved> yes

17:54 < rigved> i spoke to them about accomodation

17:54 < siji> and food and beverages ?

17:54 < rigved> they were not too keen on it

17:55 < rigved> i meant about accomodation. this needs more discussion with them

17:55 < rigved> i have not talked to them about food etc. yet

17:55 < shirish> rigved: accomodation for speakers or participants or both ?

17:55 < siji> From the mail communication, I felt they are taking the things casually

17:56 < siji> Speakers -free of cost, participants they can charge

17:56 < rigved> shirish: accomodation in general

17:56 < shirish> ohk.

17:56 < rigved> yes they seem to be a bit casual about it as of now, because they think that the event is very far away

17:57 < siji> right !

17:57 < rigved> but we are all volunteers here, not working full time on this so its not too far away for us!

17:57 < shirish> right

17:57 < rigved> i think if we can get some sponsors, then accomodation might not a problem

17:58 < siji> I think we should involve FOSSEE team + Prof.Kannan + Computer Science department (Prof.Pushpak bhatacharya)

17:58 < siji> rigved, that's true

17:59 < shirish> +1 from my side as well.

17:59 < rigved> yes, i'll talk to them about involving other departments of IIT. debian caters to many more fields

17:59 < shirish> exactly.

18:00 < shirish> guys, need to take a break here, will be back here to read the transcript of the IRC chat so my handle is on.

18:00 shirish goes to dinner.

18:01 < rigved> any other suggestions?

18:02 < rigved> j4v4m4n_mobile: anything you might want to add here?

18:02 < siji> rigved, website -High priority !

18:02 < rigved> siji: yes

18:03 < rigved> how many rooms / labs would we require?

18:03 < rigved> would 5 classrooms and 3 labs be enough?

18:04 < rigved> or should we have tracks and 1 classroom per track

18:04 < siji> I guess, enough

18:06 < siji> rigved, have you thought anything about the sessions , then it will be easy to define this

18:07 < rigved> siji: no not yet. if we involve other departments of IIT, then we can one track per department and define the sessions accordinly

18:07 < rigved> *accordingly

18:07 < siji> ok

18:08 < rigved> also, i think we should keep 1 lab free so that people can just gather here and hack on anything they like

18:08 < siji> Good idea

18:08 < faheem> meeting still going?

18:08 < rigved> also, 1 classroom should be kept free just in case something goes wrong

18:08 < siji> faheem, yes , welcome !

18:08 < rigved> faheem: yes

18:09 < faheem> this is about the kerala event, or something else?

18:09 < rigved> it's about the Mumbai event! :)

18:09 < faheem> siji: thanks

18:09 < faheem> rigved: huh?

18:12 < siji> rigved, should we conclude then ?

18:13 < rigved> siji: yes, i have a list of things to be done. just need people to pick them up

18:13 < rigved> faheem: https://wiki.debian.org/DebianIndia/MiniDebConf2015/Mumbai

18:13 < faheem> rigved: ok

18:13 < rigved> i'll send a mail to the mailing list so that people who are interested and pick up tasks

18:14 < siji> Perfect

18:14 < rigved> siji, j4v4m4n_mobile1: anything remaining to be discussed?

18:15 < faheem> are the mini debconf intended to be yearly?

18:15 < siji> rigved, nothing now !

18:17 < rigved> siji: ok. bye then

18:18 < rigved> faheem: nothing as such has been planned yet! :)

18:18 < siji> rigved, bye