Some travel details and links for people traveling to Mangalore.


The ?MiniDebconf is being held at N.M.A.M._Institute_of_Technology at Nitte, about 60 km away from Mangalore. Mangalore airport is closer to the venue, which is in turn closer to "Karkala" than Mangalore.

Hotels in Mangalore

These travel portals have a few hotel listings:

Places of interest for Tourists

India has a Colonial (French, Portugese and British) past and Mangalore was occupied by the Portugese so some places of interest within the city are:

The Wikipedia page has some interesting suggestions

Other places of interest around Mangalore are:

Udupi to maravanthe beach is 50Km; Marvanthe to Murudeshwar is another 80 KM. Karkala to Udupi is 40 KM. 170 KM in all.

Hiring cabs and Taxis

Within Karnataka private cab/taxi fares range between INR10-15 per kilometer. You can ask the hotel manager to recommend and/or book a car for your local travels and do make sure you are able to bargain (a festival discount maybe?) a better deals if you plan to use/keep the car for a whole week.

FWIW, 'hiring a car' in Indian usually means chauffeur-driven car provided by the car rental company as compared to, say, in EU/America where you are expected to drive yourself. His salary is paid by the car-rental company and if we use the car for more than 5-6 hrs each day we only pay him a daily-bata (slang for, tips/Lunch/dinner or miscellaneous expenses). The daily-bata is usually within the INR.100-200 range.

Places of interest around Mangalore and Kerala

Taxi fares in Kerala are around INR 12-14 per running KM or between INR100-150 (depending on how well the vehicle is maintained) as "waiting" charges. If you take the taxi for 50 KM round trip (that is, 25 KM each way), and take 8 hours for it, you will be charged on an hourly basis. If you finish the trip in 2 hours, you will be charged on running KM basis.

Note: The return fare charge is included in all one-way trips, so it makes sense to hire a car for a longer duration