Mini-DebConf in India

We are hosting Mini-DebConf India 2010 on 7th and 8th August 2010 in Pune, as discussed at, Discussion List. First Annual Debian Developers Conference happened at IIIT-B, Bangalore. The person behind the meet was S Nagarajan (HP, India).

Local information


Local Team

Local groups hosting this event are Uncode (Free Software Initiative of Lokayat), CoFSUG (COEP Free Software user Group), FSUGP (Free Software User Group of PICT) and PLUG (Pune Linux User Group)

Food and Accommodation

Food will be provided at the venue, for people who register before registration is closed. (We have to plan and adjust our expenses).

Transport from airport/bus station/train station to venue

Direct Auto from Airport to College of Engineering, Shivajinagar, Pune. Pre-Paid auto is available from the airport. It should take around 100 to 125 Rupess by meter. Meter is measures using 8x+3 rupees rule, where x is the reading on the meter (=kms travelled). Taxis are difficult to find and will cost much more.

From other places take auto and make sure they come by meter, use the same conversion given above.

Full address: College of Engineering Pune, Besides Sancheti Hospital, Shivajinagar, Pune

Debian contact

Planning Meeting

We met at #DebianIndia @ freenode around 10:00 am IST on 4th July 2010 and finalized the agenda. Minutes of IRC meeting

Er, what about #debian-in on (OFTC) - for Indic related packaging, whereas DebianIndia is about bringing more Indians to Debian project.



Please add you own name, e-mail address, City and Comments in pages linked below


Here is some of the things you need to take care of,

  1. Create a gpg key
  2. Take print outs or write down your key finger print (you will need to give it to every one who participate ie, 50-100 fingerprints)
  3. Bring a photo id like passport, election id etc
  4. Update registration page and mention if you are bringing your own laptop
  5. If you are bringing your own laptop, make sure you have debian unstable installed on it or if you are brave enough pbuilder installed on another GNU/Linux

gpg related steps are explained in detail here. More details about pbuilder here. We will provide the pbuilder image. We can also provide Virtual Box images of debian unstable.

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