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 1. Jerrin Shaji George <<MailTo(jerrinsg AT gmail DOT com)>> [+91 9567428090]
  • Venue : Software Systems Lab, NIT Calicut

    Date : December 31, 2012

    Time : 5:00 PM


  1. Debian Introduction
  2. Installer Test Session
    • Participants will be testing the Debian Wheezy Installer software. Debian could be installed in their systems or on a virtual machine. The disk images will be available at the venue. We'll try to identify bugs, report and fix them. Praveen will be guiding us through the session.
  3. FOSSMeet 2013 Planning


  • Debian Wheezy Disk Image (available at the venue) (./)

  • Laptop with a Virtual Machine installed. Virtual Box is an option.

  • USB drive


  • Praveen Arimbrathodiyil;github, blog an alumnus of NIT Calicut and one of the few Debian Developers from India will guide the session.


  1. Jaseem Abid <jaseemabid AT gmail DOT com> [+91 8891 Seven Two Four Three Seven Two]

  2. Vipin Nair <swvist AT gmail DOT com>

  3. Shamil C M <shamil.cm AT gmail DOT com>

  4. Jerrin Shaji George <jerrinsg AT gmail DOT com> [+91 9567428090]

  5. <Insert Name and Contact details here>